Topcon will enter worldwide mobile control market

Livermore, CA — Topcon Corporation, a leading global developer and manufacturer of positioning equipment for the survey, construction and agriculture markets, is expanding its business to include the rapidly growing international mobile control business.

For Topcon, entering the "mobile control business is a natural extension of our basic business model,” according to Fumio Ohtomo, director and managing executive officer, “which is, simply, to provide the most innovative precise positioning instruments, software and applications to global end users.
“The mobile control market is a growing market and is a perfect match for Topcon’s GPS technologies and products developed over many years in the industry.” The emphasis on a new market niche will enable Topcon to become a “complete positioning business,” Ohtomo said.

The new mobile business segment will focus on measuring the exact positioning of virtually any mobile object on Earth for asset management and control purposes.

Target markets for this new Topcon business segment include:
• Dynamic positioning (DP) of oil platforms and vessels, as well as facilities and offshore services, including container positioning and locations, berthing navigation, as well as equipment used in natural resource exploration;
• Vehicle management, including fleet logistics for taxis, trains, buses, trucks, rental vehicles, and even golf carts, and;
• Environmental research, including disaster prevention and meteorological research and data collection.

The technology driving the company’s expansion of its precise positioning business could also be utilized in global plate location or movement, rolling stock or material management in large plant sites, or even software ?creation for video games and equipment management in amusement parks (i.e., go-carts, boats, trams).

In April Topcon announced its SiteLINK system, which uses software to record all relevant machine data on heavy equipment regardless of where in the world it is located. In addition to monitoring basic machine functions – like oil pressure, temperature and hours of use via CAN bus or analog connections – data that can be collected, stored and processed for individual machines include geometry files and real-time machine position.

Ray O’Connor, president and CEO of Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) and a member of the Topcon Positioning Business Unit (Japan) Executive Committee, said, “The new technology is based on utilization of Mesh Radio Networks built on a standard Wi-Fi environment. A benefit unique to the industry is that Topcon’s creates systems that are upgradeable as Wi-Fi technology evolves, at no cost.

“Moving into the mobile control market segment, which will grow exponentially over the next decade, is a natural extension of Topcon’s stated goal of providing end users with the latest precise positioning and management products and applications before anyone else.”

Via Internet hookup, or cell phone connection, Topcon’s planned new tracking and reporting software and controller for mobile control will be able to be accessed from virtually anywhere in the world – from corporate headquarters, asset management office, remote office location . . . or even from designated vehicles.

Additionally, Topcon will use its positioning technologies to “enter into the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) market,” O’Connor said. “Topcon is the industry leader in capturing and utilizing GPS plus GLONASS satellite signals (and any signals from other constellations available in the future). That experience in accurately measuring any point on Earth is invaluable in developing and establishing a true ITS or AHS system (Advanced Cruise-assisted Highway System) in order to reduce accidents and traffic jams.”

About Topcon Positioning Systems
Topcon Positioning Systems, a developer and manufacturer of positioning equipment, offers the world’s leading selection of innovating precision GPS, GIS, laser, agriculture, optical surveying, and machine control products, software, and applications.  Topcon Corporation is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (7732).