Eagle Point Creates Consortium to Alleviate Limited Workforce Issues for Organizations

06/12/2007 – Consortium allows members to advertise for qualified subcontractors to handle excess workloads and bid on projects when workload is below capacity.

Dubuque, Iowa – Eagle Point Corporation announces the creation of The Engineering Exchange™, a consortium that allows members to advertise and bid on services to keep a consistent workload, eliminating the need to layoff staff during slow periods or decline work because of a lack of resources.

With the cyclical nature of work in the Land Development industry there are times when organizations have more work than they can complete and other times when they have more resources than necessary for the work available. The mission of The Engineering Exchange is to help Land Development organizations efficiently manage workload and maximize revenue by connecting companies with excess work to firms and individuals with excess capacity.

The Engineering Exchange also provides a mechanism for retired professional wishing to remain active in the industry and firms offering specialty services to gain a broader audience for their services.

Annual membership in The Engineering Exchange includes unlimited access to bid on submitted Request for Proposals (RFPs) and post RFPs. Members are allowed to bid on any RFPs that meet membership profile specifications. Annual membership costs just $250. Bids are only $50 per RFP. Members can post RFPs for free.

The consortium is another product in the company’s Business PerspectivesTM series of services designed to help land development organizations with business and management issues. To join The Engineering Exchange, go to http://www.eaglepoint.com/eepr/

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