Author: Fred Roeder, LS

Fred Roeder, LS


A Ghost Story

The following is a German legend which I found in a collection of folk-tales "Das Grosse Buch der Volkssagen" by Edmund Mudrak, upon…


Carl Friedrich Gauss

Every self-­respecting surveyor knows that our first, third, and sixteenth Presidents had for a brief period in their lives been surveyors. But not…


The Mark Of The Wolf

I have long believed that surveying is truly the oldest profession, eons ahead of whatever is in second place. No other human activity…


Longitude Zero

On a recent flight from Frankfurt to Atlanta I whiled away the seemingly endless hours by reading The Da Vinci Code. I am…


The Mapmaker's Wife

In response to a pointer from Earl F. Burkholder I recently read an interesting book with the eye-catching title of: The Mapmaker’s Wife,…