Joseph Anglim Joins raSmith’s Oakmont Office as Project Surveyor

Project surveyor joins firm’s eastern regional office

Oakmont, Pa. — Joseph Anglim has joined the survey division of raSmith’s Oakmont, Pa., office as a project surveyor. In his role at raSmith, Anglim is responsible for extracting and processing LiDAR (light detection and ranging) data that has been collected in the field by members of raSmith’s survey team with the use of 3D laser scanning (or LiDAR) survey technologies.

LiDAR is a surveying-based tool that measures distance to an object by illuminating the surrounding environment with pulsed laser light and then measures the reflected pulses with a sensor. The returned pulses are then turned into individual 3D points that are collected in masses (sometimes hundreds of millions of points) to create what are commonly referred to as point clouds. These point clouds are then used by technicians to extract a variety of CAD/3D-based deliverables and exhibits, including topographic maps, as-built surveys, volumetric surveys, settlement monitoring and floor flatness exhibits, and 3D building models.

Anglim is also currently studying to become an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certified UAS (unmanned aerial systems) pilot. raSmith has several FAA certified UAS pilots on staff in Oakmont, Pa., and Brookfield, Wis., who use UAS to capture aerial imagery, mapping and survey-grade deliverables.

Anglim is a 2017 graduate of Michigan Technological University, holding a bachelor’s in surveying engineering. While in college, Anglim had internships with the Michigan Department of Transportation and Spalding DeDecker Associates in Michigan.

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