Topotrade to Launch the First Worldwide Marketplace for Land Surveying Instruments

Paris, France, March 25th – Topotrade to launch the first online marketplace specially designed for selling and buying land surveying instruments. brings the largest choice of surveying instruments to the market, while ensuring quality of the instrument and protection in every transaction.
All over the world, surveyors face challenges in maintaining their pool of instruments up-to-date while other surveyors face new projects requiring quick delivery or reduce in investments. The new website “” brings a strong and safe solution to the market by offering the largest choice of new, refurbished and second-hand surveying instruments.

Owners of Land Surveying Equipment can sell their instruments online.
The Largest Choice of Surveying Instruments
From a theodolite to a robotic total station, from a GNSS receiver to a 3D laser scanner, Topotrade encompasses all the second-hand instruments from the most renowned brands (Leica Geosystems, Topcon, Trimble, Sokkia etc). Topotrade covers the world of GIS/GNSS, Detection, Scanning, Total Station, Drones, and if you need an instrument that is not part of these categories, creates the category for you.
If you can’t find your instrument, Topotrade will use its worldwide network to find it for you. Find out what surveyors from around the world are looking for.
Safe Transactions: All Instruments Tested, Payment Guaranteed
To ensure satisfaction in every transaction, Topotrade has developed a partnership with maintenance companies to test the instrument prior to delivery. This procedure, available on, guarantees that the instrument is operative. For even more security, Topotrade is the buyer of the instrument and the seller – all transactions are secured.
Zein Rachidi, The Surveyor/Founder Behind Topotrade.Com
After a diploma from the French Engineering School “INSA-Strasbourg” in the Surveying specialty, Zein Rachidi has been working for Leica Geosystems for more than 10 years. He began as Sales & Technical Engineer for Northern Africa until becoming Regional Sales Manager in the Middle East and Africa region. “I am grateful to my experience at Leica, I learned the values of quality and confidence which surveyors will retrieve in Topotrade”, states the Founder.