Pix4D Partners with Kokusai Kogyo in Japan to Deliver a 3D Geospatial Analysis Cloud Service

Full automation for 3D spatial analysis that support i-Construction and public surveying

20 Nov 2017 – Pix4D is partnering with Kokusai Kogyo Corporation (KKC)—the leading geospatial consulting company in Japan–to deliver a i-Construction-compliant drone mapping and photogrammetry solution for the Japanese market. i-Construction is a set of government-defined regulations to govern the collection and processing of drone data.

In August 2016, KKC released a 3D geospatial analysis cloud service (KKC-3D). Our partnership will jointly develop that service and new features to meet the requirements for public surveying and i-Construction standards.

Japanese customers will only have to upload acquired images as well as the location information of the ground control points, in order to download the 3D terrain model and the quality control reports that meet the requirements of public surveying and i-Construction.

The service users will be able to drastically shorten the process for 3D spatial analysis for public surveying and i-Construction, and the service will enable a dramatic improvement of productivity for all parties involved in the process.

Pix4D is excited to be part of the iConstruction initiative in Japan–interpreting data collected by drones and other devices and automating complex workflows.

About Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Kokusai Kogyo, as a leading company of geospatial information technologies, has been contributing to public services improvement for the past 70 years — using the most advanced measurement technologies and offering a wide range of consulting services. Kokusai Kogyo is supporting the development of Green Communities — offering safe and secure community development and building low-carbon societies responding to new government policies and evolving world needs.  Kokusai Kogyo is committed to make a change — utilizing its worldwide long-term experience of advanced analysis of geospatial information, using geographic information system (GIS), and low-carbon community-building. www.kkc.co.jp/english

About Pix4D
Pix4D develops photogrammetry software that converts images into georeferenced 3D models and generates point cloud and orthophotos through advanced photogrammetry technology. Pix4D offers solutions for a wide range of applications including surveying, agriculture, construction, and real estate. In addition to professional photogrammetry software for desktop and cloud, Pix4D also offers hardware solutions such as the crane camera. www.pix4d.com