NavVis Partners with PrecisionPoint to Bring the American Indoors Online

13 October 2017 – NavVis, the global leader in indoor mapping, visualization, and navigation, announces a new partnership with PrecisionPoint, a leading reality capture solutions provider in the USA. PrecisionPoint is now an official NavVis technology service provider offering NavVis indoor reality capture solutions to its business customers in the United States.

PrecisionPoint, based in Carmel, Indiana, has been leading the way in capturing existing condition documentation since 2009. PrecisionPoint has wide and varied expertise performing 3D laser scanning of large, complex as-built structures, especially for the AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Operations) industry.

By becoming a NavVis partner, PrecisionPoint is further expanding its offering to give its customers access to the most cutting-edge innovation in reality capture and visualization technology. The NavVis digital indoor platform is an end-to-end reality capture solution that benefits every industry operating in and around buildings, including construction, facility management, healthcare, retail, exhibitions, transportation and more.

PrecisionPoint will now add indoor mobile scanning services with NavVis technology to its portfolio, allowing them to perform ultra-fast 3D laser scanning, provide browser based 3D building models, and leverage the world’s most advanced indoor navigation technology. PrecisionPoint customers will also get access to the entire range of NavVis digital indoor solutions.

Evan McPhee, Head of North America for NavVis, said:
“We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with PrecisionPoint here in the United States. Mark Hanna and his team are true experts in this industry. Their long experience and deep relationships in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Operations space will allow them to be extraordinarily successful in using NavVis solutions to help PPI customers streamline their operations, prevent avoidable mistakes in renovations, and collaborate around easy-to-use IndoorViewer digital representations of their properties. We couldn’t ask for a better endorsement of our technology and solutions than Mark and PrecisionPoint’s enthusiastic partnership with NavVis.”

Mark Hanna, Founder and CEO of Precision Point, Inc., said:
“NavVis is revolutionizing indoor mapping in Europe and Asia, and our entire team at PrecisionPoint is honored to be among the first to bring this cutting-edge mobile 3D reality capture solution to North America. For nearly a decade, we have taken great pride in offering the right technology to meet the needs of a specific client project. And we believe the NavVis solution isn’t just the right technology; it’s the best technology. Our clients asked us for indoor mapping capabilities, and now we can provide them with fastest, most accurate and cost-effective solution available to serve their indoor positioning and navigation applications.”

About NavVis:
NavVis is a leading provider of high-end digital building technology for large commercial and industrial properties. Our cutting edge indoor mapping, visualization and navigation technology is being applied in every industry that uses, manages or builds indoor space. Digital building technology is benefitting everything from construction monitoring, facility management, and plant planning, to transportation hubs and multi-channel retailing. Our products consist of: The M3 Indoor Mapping Trolley, a highly-accurate mobile scanning device that enables fully comprehensive digital data capture; the browser-based IndoorViewer software brings this data to life by enabling users to access and interact with 3D building models and maps from any device; and our pioneering vision-based Indoor Navigation technology, which brings highly-accurate and intuitive navigation to indoor spaces, without the need for any additional infrastructure. NavVis technology is being used by a growing customer base around the world that includes Siemens, BMW, Allianz, SAP and Deutsche Telekom.

About PrecisionPoint Inc.:
Based in Carmel, Indiana, a northern suburb of Indianapolis, PrecisionPoint Inc. delivers turnkey 3D laser scanning services and reality capture solutions and actionable data that empowers AEC professionals to reliably document, design and build. Founded in 2009, PrecisionPoint has assembled a team of experts in the surveying and laser scanning field who provide a full spectrum of 3D scanning, 3D existing conditions modeling, scan-to-BIM and reality capture solutions for AEC projects related to Healthcare, Industrial Plants, Forensics and Architectural & Historic Preservation. Contact PrecisionPoint, Inc.: 1 855-3DSCAN1 (1 855-337-2261)