SBG Systems to Launch the “SBG +Services”

Full Set of Technical Services around its Inertial Sensors.

Carrières-sur-Seine, France, September 19th 2017 – SBG Systems, leading manufacturer of inertial navigation systems, adds to its catalog a full set of technical services called the “SBG +Services”. Dedicated to Surveyors as well as Integrators, these services increase productivity by enhancing utilization efficiency and bringing clever solutions to daily project challenges.

Choosing an inertial sensor is more than matching technical specifications. Professionals face other challenges such as training a new employee, ensure a production with a minimum interruption, or simply secure a budget during several years. To answer all these needs and even more, SBG Systems built a whole range of services: the SBG +Services.
Three Different Ways to Get to Know Your New Sensor
If budget can vary from a professional to another, they do have something in common: the willing to save time when integrating new equipment. SBG Systems offers three different ways to get introduced to your SBG inertial sensors. The first one is the “+Online Initiation”, a two-hour session with an SBG Support Engineer using a remote-access software. The second is a “+On Demand Training” that takes place at an SBG office or at the customer’s place. The last one is a “+Intervention Day”, a pre-paid day that could be used for training but also for installation or on-site support.
Certify Sensor Performance
Every SBG sensors is factory calibrated in dynamics and temperature and delivered with a calibration report certifying the sensor performance for three years. All SBG inertial sensors are based on the MEMS technology. This means there is no need to periodically calibrate them. Yet, some projects require certifications. The Check & Calibration service includes a quality check, a firmware update, cleaning, and if required, calibration in temperature and dynamics. A certificate is delivered with the sensor. It guarantees the quality of the sensor data for three years.
Ensure a Continuous Production
Professionals such as Surveyors can be highly penalized in case of production interruption. By selecting the “+Back-up System” service, the customer has access to a replacement device if the original sensor requires a planned or unplanned factory return.
Secure Your Budget
All SBG inertial sensors (Ellipse, Ekinox, and Apogee) come with a 2-year warranty. This warranty can be extended up to 5 years.
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About SBG Systems
SBG Systems is a leading supplier of MEMS-based inertial motion sensing solutions. For more than ten year, the company has been providing a wide range of inertial solutions from miniature to high accuracy. Combined with cutting-edge calibration techniques and advanced embedded algorithms, SBG Systems products are ideal solutions for unmanned vehicle control, antenna tracking, camera stabilization, and surveying applications.