ArcGIS Experts, GEO Jobe, Celebrates 18 Years in GIS Software Development, Services, UAV Mapping

Established in 1999, GEO Jobe is pleased to be entering 19 years of service and expertise in GIS and Geospatial Technologies

Nashville, Tenn. – Aug. 11, 2017 – PRLog — Founded in 1999, GEO Jobe is a geospatial industry leader that currently has the top three most popular apps in the ArcGIS Marketplace including Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online, Mapfolio, and MapLapse. Additionally, With a fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s, or drones) and 4 licensed pilots, GEO Jobe is now offering high resolution, low altitude orthophotography and 3D mapping services. GEO Jobe has been an Esri business partner for 16 years and has received multiple awards from Esri including the 2015 Innovative Marketplace Provider and the 2013 Organization Use of ArcGIS Online award. This August, GEO Jobe is pleased to celebrate 18 years in business, providing GIS, mapping and ArcGIS-based application and services to clients around America and ArcGIS Online users around the World.

Some recent highlights, achievements, and accomplishments:
• Exhibited at 2017 International ESRI user conference, presenter YPN panel on you and technology.
• Completed UAV data capture project and orthophotography update for West Wilson Utility District
• Launch of the GEO Jobe Knowledge Base (Kbase) customer support resource
• With a fleet of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s, or drones) and 4 licensed pilots on staff, GEO Jobe is now offering high resolution low altitude orthophotography services in Tennessee and surrounding areas (Arkansas, Mississippi) and hosting options via our GeoPowered Cloud.
• Received the tough to secure, official authorization to conduct UAV aerial mapping flights on designated airport lands in Mississippi
• Update of GEOPowered Cloud, Enterprise Solution – A platform offering shared and dedicated hosting supporting ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise and Esri partner solutions
• Update of top (most popular) application in the ArcGIS Marketplace, Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online to V 1.0.13 – boasts new functionality, more tools, and user experience enhancements
• Launch of MapLapse in partnership with GeoMarvel – Discover imagery in ArcGIS Online with MapLapse! Create time lapse map images, share, download and save them. Powered by ArcGIS Online.
• A milestone as Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online, now has more than 3,000 installations in organizations around the World!
• Continued support and updates for Webmaps for WordPress
• GEO Jobe, along with the Esri Education Group hosted a webinar to introduce users from the GIS Education community to Admin Tools
• Mapfolio, the popular application for users of ArcGIS Online, gets a fresh upgrade, enabling users of ArcGIS Online to get in, get what you need, and get out!
• Several recent. Key hires including: Eric GoForth (Front end engineer), Ken Doman Sr. Front-end Engineer), Blake Bilbo (Jr. Solution engineer), Sean Tucker (Solution Engineer), Jeff Lawrence (UAV Business development)
• And much more!

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We’ve embraced enterprise GIS and the Web GIS implementation pattern, because they provide the building blocks for delivering the value of GIS to the masses. While all clients can benefit from enterprise GIS capabilities, we’ve identified certain bottlenecks (cost, infrastructure, knowledge) that act as barriers to implementation and thus barriers to our mission. To overcome these challenges, we’ve created our GEOPowered Cloud – A platform offering shared and dedicated hosting supporting ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise and Esri partner solutions. See

The latest version of Admin Tools (consistently a TOP app in the Esri ArcGIS Marketplace) gives the ArcGIS Administrator, and heavy hitter, even more functionality and abilities to perform their job even better. Admin Tools is available to planners, GIS administrators and other GIS professionals in local government,K-12 and Higher education, utilities, and facilities management and can be found in the ArcGIS marketplace (free, pro, and Portal versions). See

In alignment with our motto "The Power of GIS, Simplified", we will continue to meet our clients where they are, offer enterprise GIS deployment options and work alongside them to change lives through the value of GIS. (Neill Jobe, CEO). "At GEO Jobe, we have a deep belief in the value of GIS technology. Central to our mission is offering products and services that enable clients to fully realize these benefits – across their organizations."

About GEO Jobe
GEO Jobe (@geojobegis) is a geospatial industry leader providing software, services, and cutting edge geospatial solutions. While many geospatial firms focus on a specific industry, GEO Jobe has a focus on industry independent solutions and offerings such as providing software development and data hosting expertise and services. GEO Jobe was an early adopter of the ArcGIS Online platform and always strives to extend and push the limits of what is possible using the platform. Connect with the GEO Jobe team or reach out with a question or comment on Twitter @geojobegis