Woolpert Tapped for Sinclair Community College Plaza, Pathway, Gateway Design and Renovations

The projects are valued at more than $1.3 million and are part of a larger effort to make the downtown Dayton campus more unified, welcoming and pedestrian-friendly.

Dayton, Ohio (March 17, 2017) — Sinclair Community College has hired Woolpert for two related projects on its Dayton campus, it was announced today.

The first is a redesign of its Student Services Center Plaza and renovation of the Pedestrian Pathway linking the Student Services Center to the parking garage. The second is design of the North and Central gateways, linking with the pedestrian path.

The projects will enhance the appearance of the parking deck facades to make it feel more welcoming, and are intended to improve safety and tie together the main parking garage, the new campus buildings and the original campus north of Fourth Street in downtown Dayton.

The projects, valued at a combined $1.36 million, should better unify the campus, make it more pedestrian-friendly and create more of a traditional campus setting. Design will include elevation changes, drainage rework, sidewalks and paving modifications, lighting and facade enhancements and enriched landscaping.

Woolpert Project Manager and Landscape Architect Bruce Rankin said these are two of five projects being coordinated as part of a comprehensive effort to redefine the core of the downtown campus, which has an annual enrollment of about 30,000.

Other projects, which are being conducted by multiple firms, include a new Health Sciences building and surrounding site, a street diet on Fourth Street and other gateways leading into the campus core.

“These projects will have a positive effect not only on Sinclair, but on this area of the city,” Rankin said. “With Sinclair as highly recognized and engaged as it is in the community, this effort will benefit people throughout the Greater Dayton Area.”

Woolpert—a national architecture, engineering and geospatial firm headquartered in Dayton—has completed multiple projects at Sinclair’s Dayton and Mason branches, and is working with the community college on technological developments, research and education related to unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or drones.

The firm’s design for the Student Services Center Plaza and Pedestrian Pathway is underway, and the project expects to break ground in 2018.

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