Fenstermaker Survey Team Flying High with UAV Technology

Fenstermaker has been at the forefront of technology since 1950. Now, with game-changing UAV capabilities, the firm can offer their clients more options and even greater project efficiency. Integrating UAV technology with traditional methods of surveying has altered the landscape of project management. From aerial photography and videography to data acquisition, clients are seeing more and more uses for this technology as their project deliverables taken to the next level.

Fenstermaker’s diversity of services and sophisticated methods of collecting data allows them to select the right tools to pinpoint the most logical solutions for projects. For their clients, this can save both time and money. The addition of UAV technology to Fenstermaker’s arsenal of services, means more choices for optimum project efficiency and top-quality deliverables.

The introduction of UAV technology provides unchartered opportunities with new applications being discovered at a rapid rate. Capable of obtaining imagery and data quickly and efficiently, Fenstermaker’s customized UAVs allow their Survey and Mapping team to provide a new dimension of project deliverables to give clients relevant, concise information for project monitoring and management. 

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