EngineerSupply and Keson Industries Approach 9 Years Together

EngineerSupply started in 1999 as an online supplier of engineering supplies, land surveying equipment, measuring tools, blueprint storage, and office equipment for the architectural, engineering, and construction industry. In 2007 EngineerSupply partnered with Keson Industries in order to bring on a source for measuring products such as distance measuring wheels, measuring tapes, and distance measuring tools and devices.

Roy Nosek started Keson Industries in 1968. Keson makes the highest quality measuring and marking product within the category of tools they are in.

EngineerSupply has been partnered with Keson Industries for well over 9 years. Keson has been able to work closely with EngineerSupply to offer the best measuring and marking products. You can find Keson wheels, long and short tapes as well as chalk and chalk line reels on the EngineerSupply webstore. The partnership between EngineerSupply and Keson has been successful because both companies focus on supplying high quality products for professionals in their field.

About EngineerSupply
Since 1999, EngineerSupply has met the equipment needs of professionals in engineering, construction, design, surveying, estimating, law enforcement and other fields. The privately held, Lynchburg, Va.-based company has a constantly expanding product line and a customer service team with years of experience in the engineering and surveying industries. More information can be found at the company’s website,