EngineerSupply Welcomes Back David White

3-24-2016 – David White is back at EngineerSupply. EngineerSupply is pleased to announce the return of one of its most popular selling brands. After a brief absence from the market in 2015, David White has returned better than ever. Established in 1895, David White’s quality tools have been found around construction job sites for over a century, including the popular LT8-300 and LT8-300 Line Transfer Unit. The latest saga in the David White story continued when SitePro recognized the quality and obtained the exclusive rights to the David White brand globally and brought it back to market. Not only did they bring back the popular LT8-300, they are also bringing back rotary and line construction lasers, as well as Optical Instruments including levels, level-transits, automatic levels and automatic level-transits. EngineerSupply is a proud authorized dealer of SitePro and David White products.

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