Woolpert Wins 3-year, $1.7M Contract to Map Indiana

Indianapolis (March 8, 2016) — Woolpert has signed a three-year, $1.7 million contract with the Indiana Office of Technology (IOT), Geographic Information Office (GIO), to collect aerial imagery of Indiana.

Woolpert will collect and process 1-foot, four-band imagery, allowing for the option to upgrade to 6-inch resolution or 3-inch resolution, dependent on need. The geographic information system (GIS) data produced will be available to state offices, as well as individual cities and counties.

“Mapping the state as a whole instead of county-by-county provides a consistent, seamless imagery base that can be shared among agencies throughout Indiana,” said Jeff Lovin, Woolpert senior vice president and director of government solutions. “It’s also a smart use of tax dollars to collect the entire area under one contract.”

This marks the second time Woolpert has been selected to map the Hoosier State. Woolpert mapped Indiana from 2011-13.

Indiana Geographic Information Officer Jim Sparks said he was excited about the update to Indiana’s imagery.

“We know from research that this critical dataset returns our investment many times over,” Sparks said. “More compellingly, it improves the quality of life of Indiana citizens. I have received dozens of stories about how this data is used to mitigate disasters, help Indiana businesses work more efficiently, improve our agricultural practices, inventory our public infrastructure and help us be better stewards of our natural resources.”

Woolpert has completed seven state mapping projects in the last five years, continually elevating industry standards from collection to delivery.

“The last time we mapped Indiana, we delivered the data on hard drives, and it wasn’t as efficient as we’d like,” Lovin said. “This time it will be delivered via a cloud solution. The data will be accessible and can be downloaded, and each individual customer will receive a unique login to their specific area of interest.”

Woolpert has worked in Indiana for more than 50 years and has had an office in Indianapolis since 1981. The firm will map one-third of the state each year, starting with the center tier of counties this spring.

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