Arizona to Eliminate Surveyor Licensing?

This is an update from a member of the Board:

Representatives from ACEC and the Landscape Architects association met with the governor’s office this week and it did not go well. Here is the report back to the board from that meeting.

“They felt that the meeting accomplished nothing and that the proposed deregulation of geologists and landscape architects was just the “tip of the iceberg.” What is expected to result from the proposed study committee will be the deregulation of all the Board’s licensed professions in favor of privatization. The Governor’s Office rep told those at the meeting that the Governor’s long term plan was to pull state government out of all design professions.”

The push for deregulation is motivated by a case in NC where the dental board started to regulate teeth whitening kiosks in the malls. They were taken to court and lost an antitrust suit in a case that went to the supreme court. I think it’s clear to most (not the governor) that regulating professions that handle major infrastructure, property boundaries, etc. is not the same as teeth whitening (or athletic trainers and fruit/veg packers, the other occupations affected by the bill).

As Engineers, Surveyors and Geologists (Bob!) this will have a significant impact on our professions and how their regulation protects the public. As an example, if the bill passes anyone will be able to practice geology. That could be the same later for engineers or surveyors.

If you feel strongly about this issue you can help by contacting your representatives. Also, if you are part of professional associations you could write to the governor’s office.