VisionMap Announces New Website Launch

Tel Aviv, Israel – January 1, 2016. VisionMap, a leading provider of automatic airborne imaging systems, announced the launch of its new website

The new website provides quick and intuitive access to VisionMap’s versatile line of products and applications, as well as extensive resources for customers. It features rich interactive content that demonstrates VisionMap’s unique offerings such as vast-area coverage and extremely high resolution imagery.

The homepage introduces VisionMap’s new slogan, “When You Need the Big Picture,” representing the company’s mission to provide customers with the means to quickly capture extensive areas while acquiring comprehensive layers of information.

According to Sarah Hakim, Marcom Manager at VisionMap, “The new enhancements will provide a superior and informative experience for our visitors. The new application-driven content will help guide visitors to the imaging solutions best suited to their needs.”

About VisionMap
VisionMap is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art digital automatic airborne imaging systems used for defense, HLS and commercial mapping applications. VisionMap systems are able to quickly capture vast areas in extremely high resolution, supporting extremely large-scale projects thanks to their fast turnaround time. VisionMap’s systems collect complementary color and thermal images, and provide final products such as aerial triangulation, DSM, Orthophoto mosaic, stereo models and geo-referenced oblique images in a seamless workflow. VisionMap systems are successfully deployed around the world.