CEE HydroSystems GNSS / Echo Sounder Manufacturer Opens Office in San Diego, USA

San Diego, Calif – December 14th, 2015 – Manufacturers of RTK GNSS-enabled precision shallow water hydrographic echo sounders CEE HydroSystems has opened an office in San Diego, California. Located in Carlsbad, North San Diego County, the new office will position the company to maximize growth in the USA and Canada.

CEE HydroSystems products are aimed at surveyors conducting shallow water bathymetric surveys. “For inshore hydrographic surveys of water bodies such as canals, lakes, rivers, or industrial water impoundments survey firms inexperienced in hydrographic methods often have to resort to conventional and laborious processes using sounding lines, range poles or basic sonar equipment” said Peter Garforth, CEE HydroSystems Managing Director. Our CEESCOPETM survey system puts a RTK GNSS solution and precision echo sounder into a compact single package, allowing surveyors to vastly improve productivity on these surveys. With the enormous range of inshore shallow water hydrographic surveying being done in the US, we are excited to bring our products to the market here.”

The CEE range of echo sounders with GPS was first developed to offer surveyors a one-box solution to reduce hardware setup time and the need for interconnecting components. The company’s CEEDUCERTM was the first truly portable integrated survey-grade echo sounder with GPS. Future developments will continue to enhance the user experience. “While GNSS suppliers for example are continuously improving their user interface for improved efficiency and usability, single beam echo sounders are largely still operating as they were 20 or 30 years ago. Our goal is to innovate to a more modern user experience when surveying with our equipment”, said Garforth.

From their factory in Sydney, Australia CEE HydroSystems manufacture survey-grade echo sounders with integrated GNSS solutions, designed for maximum portability, convenience, and ruggedness. Products include the CEESCOPETM, CEE ECHOTM, CEEPULSETM 100, CEETIDE™, and CEE-LINETM. For more information, visit www.ceehydrosystems.com.