CartoConsult Partners with Proteus to Harness the Power of New Laser Scanning Technology

Swindon, UK, 15 December 2015 – CartoConsult has signed a joint venture agreement with Proteus to develop and promote the use of the latest laser scanning technology. As new systems are launched to market, such as handheld mobile mappers, UAV mounted sensors and even vehicle guidance systems, the partnership will assess their application for real world projects in a diverse range of industry sectors, completing field tests and developing best practice references.

The joint venture between CartoConsult and Proteus will provide a complete solution for clients, initially within the architectural, engineering and property development sectors using a handheld mobile mapping system. By working together, the partnership can offer trained and experienced survey personnel to complete onsite data capture, cloud based data processing of the millions of individual measurements captured and the creation of highly accurate 3D models and visualisations.

“Working with Proteus to explore the power of new laser scanning systems as they come to market, we can undertake projects in complex and challenging environments where more traditional systems may not be suitable, may not even work or may be considered too expensive or resource hungry,” commented Tim Hughes, CEO and founder of CartoConsult.

“Laser scanning has, for some time, been considered a ‘game changer’ for building surveys and other projects, with real world case studies reporting significant reductions in onsite survey times,” commented David Critchley, Proteus CEO. “By working with CartoConsult to deliver an end to end solution utilising the latest technology, we can offer our clients a fast, efficient yet accurate way of recording and modelling complex environments. These onsite benefits, coupled with highly efficient and cost effective cloud based data processing, will revolutionise the service we provide.”

A provider of mapping and geospatial service, Proteus recently announced an exclusive partnership with GeoSLAM, the company behind the handheld mobile mapping system ZEB1, to distribute the laser scanner in the Middle East region and provide laser scanning services globally. An example of the new laser scanning technology being explored by the CartoConsult Proteus partnership, ZEB1 uses robotic technology called Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM). With a range of 30 metres and its ability to self-localise, ZEB1 is ideally suited for use indoors, underground and in other covered environments, where traditional solutions that utilise GPS don’t function.

About CartoConsult
CartoConsult Limited provides integrated 2D/3D geospatial solutions for the Architectural, Engineering and Construction sectors. Using the world’s most advanced progressive and immersive 3D technology together with a network of approved business partners, CartoConsult offers scalable solutions presenting a cost effective alternative to recruiting additional resources.

About Proteus
Proteus is leading the way in harnessing the step change in availability, accuracy and resolution of satellite derived imagery, coupled with advances in processing technologies to deliver full turnkey mapping solutions at a fraction of the traditional time and cost. Based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Bristol, UK, Proteus offers full turnkey global mapping solutions produced from very high resolution satellite imagery, providing customers with cutting edge products for environment, agriculture, forestry and marine use.