Jacksonville Electric Authority Selects Arc Surveying & Mapping For Hydrographic Surveys

November 12, 2015, Jacksonville, FL — Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. has been selected by the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) to perform hydrographic surveys at several JEA facilities along the St. Johns River in Florida.

The three-year contract involves multibeam swath and singlebeam depth surveys to assist JEA with scheduling dredging events as required for safe navigation and berthing. The multibeam and singlebeam depth surveys use highly advanced sonar sounders to map underwater areas and identify dangers to navigation. Arc also will perform surveys of JEA power generating station intake and outfall systems for maintenance purposes.

“We are very pleased that JEA has the trust and confidence in Arc that is essential when dealing with the shoaling and dredging issues commonplace along the St. Johns River,” Patrick Sawyer, vice-president of Arc, said. “We are proud to have JEA as a client.”

About Arc
Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. is a Jacksonville-based specialized professional surveying firm providing high resolution topographic and bathymetric surveys. The company uses sophisticated rapid data collection systems, such as multibeam swath sounders and terrestrial laser scanners. The company, has offices in Jacksonville and Melbourne Florida, and Memphis Tennessee, and has been in business for more than 20 years. Arc is well known among the waterfront community for its cost saving use of technology and innovation. For more information about Arc Surveying & Mapping, visit www.arcsurveyors.com.