Indonesian GPS Provider CV Gunapris Elcom Chooses SuperPad

Supergeo Technologies, the worldwide Geospatial software and solution provider, announces that CV Gunapris Elcom, the Indonesian GPS and surveying instrument provider, has adopted SuperPad to improve the performance of spatial data collection on mobile devices.

Established in 2006 in greater Jakarta, CV Gunapris Elcom was founded as a provider, of information equipment, GPS devices and surveying instruments. With the assistance of our local partner in Indonesia, Datascrip, SuperPad was selected by CV Gunapris Elcom for advanced spatial data collection.

SuperPad is a mobile application designed with complete and powerful GIS functions. It provides high accuracy spatial data collection with a friendly UI. And it can integrate other hardware information into the spatial data collection process, such as laser detectors, digital cameras, and GPS devices.

SuperPad also supports data import from SuperGIS Desktop, which allows users to import sophisticated maps, edited with SuperGIS Desktop, directly to SuperPad. In addition, when the user returns from a long session collecting field data, SuperPad makes it easy to export the valuable data to SuperGIS desktop for further editing and modification. This is especially convenient for companies that require extensive field work, like forestry, mining, and surveying industries.

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