Online B2B Equipment Rental Marketplace Launches RentNOW E-Commerce Solution for Real-Time Scheduling

Wilmington, NC; August 10, 2015 – KWIPPED Inc., a startup online B2B equipment rental marketplace, which debuted at the end of last year, has announced the launch of RentNOW, a new feature that let’s suppliers upload pre-priced rental inventory so companies can secure equipment in real-time using the KWIPPED website. The Company said RentNOW has been launched with over 1,000 products spanning 100 individual equipment categories.

“RentNOW delivers unprecedented efficiency to the equipment rental procurement process,” states Robert Preville, KWIPPED Founder and CEO. “Companies need pricing to prepare budgets and proposals, or to decide on rent vs. buy decisions. While KWIPPED customers can continue to request quotes using our ‘RFQ’ feature, RentNOW offers real-time pricing and inventory availability, which significantly expedites the sourcing and renting processes.” connects businesses that need to rent equipment with a global network of suppliers that have that equipment available. The platform facilitates and automates the entire rental process, encompassing sourcing, quoting, scheduling, insurance, security deposits, contract execution and shipping. KWIPPED technology manages the billing and rental coordination and reduces risk by assuring a quality marketplace comprised of trusted partners.

“Companies that need rental equipment often face roadblocks – many that can hinder project turnaround and even hurt profits,” said Robert Preville, KWIPPED Founder and CEO. “From time wasted on inefficient sourcing, to limited availability, to a lack of trust between involved parties, the challenges of renting equipment can be overcome with a platform like KWIPPED.”

KWIPPED soft launched its website in 4th quarter 2014 and has demonstrated rapid progress, including:
• The facilitation of equipment rental sourcing across 17 industries, including: construction, material handling, surveying, welding, medical, laboratory, audio-visual and more…
• The acquisition of over 200 qualified suppliers located in the US, Canada and Europe
• The securing of sufficient seed funding which will assure continued growth, including an investment from the Inception Micro Angel Fund, North Carolina’s largest angel fund network.
• The addition of key advisors including William Salter, ex-president of Sears, Roebuck & Co. and Eileen Markowitz, ex-President of ThomasNet (The Thomas Register of American Manufacturers).

KWIPPED suppliers are exposed to potential for new business on a large scale and its bi-directional marketplace format enables any business with idle inventory to act as a supplier, rent equipment and open new revenue streams. According to Preville, an online marketplace is a solution that is long overdue in the equipment rental space.

KWIPPED, Inc. developed and maintains the world’s first comprehensive B2B online rental marketplace. KWIPPED technology streamlines sourcing from a global network of equipment rental suppliers, reduces risk, assures quality and facilitates trusted relationships between renters and suppliers. The Company aims to maintain a trusted marketplace for professionals to locate, discover and rent specialized equipment for commercial applications. Established in 2014, KWIPPED’s worldwide headquarters is located in Wilmington, NC. For more information, call 800.273.8404 or visit