ASCO Japan buys SITECO’s Road-Scanner4

After a test survey on the Okinawa island, ASCO bought a Road-Scanner4™ Mobile Mapping

10 June, 2015 – Bologna, Italy – In February this year, over 120 kilometers of Okinawa’s roadway infrastructure was captured with high accuracy 3D detail using SITECO’s Road-Scanner4™ mobile mapping system equipped with Zoller & Froelich Profiler 9012 scanners, IXBLUE LANDINS inertial navigation system and complemented with spherical color imagery from Point Grey’s LadyBug5 camera.

The survey project was carried out by Siteco as a pilot project for ASCO Co. Ltd, a leading construction consultation firm based in Osaka, Japan. The entire survey data collection, including equipment installation on the vehicle, was performed in two days with an additional two days to fully process the data to an overall accuracy of better than 2 cm. The often close quarters of urban areas found in Japanese cities are a regular challenge for these type of surveys, but proved no challenge for RoadScanner4. SITECO’s RS-Postprocess and Road-SIT Survey software suite delivered detailed geometries, relief displays, color enhanced point clouds, fly-through movies and an abundance of photogrammetric measurements.

The survey was a complete success and ASCO immediately placed a purchase order for the system. The Asco engineers, who were surprised at the ease of operation and data processing, were fully trained throughout the four day survey deployment. The RoadScanner4 system is being deployed immediately throughout Japan.

The configuration chosen by ASCO includes an Applanix POSLV 510 inertial navigation system and can be used with either Z+F or Faro Focus laser-scanners, thanks to the flexible and independent technology developed by Siteco.

A full project case study is available in the download area.

About Siteco srl
A unit of the Gavio Group, one of Italy’s top industrial groups, Siteco was established in 1995 as a civil engineering infrastructure, software and technical consulting firm. In 2005 they developed the first scalable, high performance fully integrated mobile mapping system and have since then been delivering the most flexible roadway management mobile mappers in price, performance and software flexibility on the market.

About Asco Co. Ltd
A general construction consultant which is consistently on the cutting edge and contributes positively to the demands of the future in order to create a comfortable environment. "We are proud of our work and have unlimited passion to achieve our goals. We are aware of our social responsibilities and we will keep persevering in our effort on into the future. We greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement."