KS Associates Applies Innovative Surveying Approach to I-90 Bridge Deck Replacement Project

3D Laser Scanning Provides a High Degree of Safety, Reliability

June 11, 2015 – KS Associates is under contract with ODOT District 12 to provide design services to replace three mainline bridge decks on IR-90: over East 185th Street (CUY-90-2616), Neff Road (CUY-90-2639), and East 200th Street (CUY-90-2674). The bridges carry eight to nine lanes of high-capacity urban traffic, so minimizing traffic delays and completing the project on schedule is crucial.
To complete the topographic survey for the project – an important first step – KS utilized a combination of 3D laser scanning and Mobile Terrestrial LiDAR. This approach proved to be an effective solution for capturing large amounts of data, reducing site visits, minimizing the impact on traffic, and maximizing safety for surveyors and motorists.
KS utilized a static scanner to capture details of the bridges’ superstructures and deck surfaces. The scanner was particularly effective in checking bridge clearances. The survey team then utilized Mobile Terrestrial LiDAR to acquire pavement, sign, and guardrail locations. A scanner secured to vehicle driven at legal highway speeds captured an enormous amount of detail for more than 19,000 feet of freeway and 12,000 feet of ramps and side streets.
For the right project, 3D laser scanning can improve safety, expedite the schedule, and provide an unprecedented level of detail to propel the design process. To read more about the project and our services, click here. To find out if your next project is a candidate for 3D laser scanning, contact Mark A. Yeager, P.S., Director of Surveying Services: yeagerm@ksassociates.com.

About KS Associates
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