3D Laser Scanning – An Ideal Tool for Mission-Critical Projects

3D Laser Scanning Provides a High Degree of Reliability in Record Time

January 7, 2015 – KS utilized 3D laser scanning to survey the Euclid Creek Tunnel (above) where it will connect to the Dugway Storage Tunnel. Laser scanning provided a high degree of surveying accuracy.
KS Associates has completed an important surveying and 3D laser scanning assignment to help ensure that two 24-foot tunnels connect 200 feet below ground: The Euclid Creek Tunnel (ECT), which is under construction, and the Dugway Storage Tunnel (DST), which is in design.
The MWH/Hatch Mott MacDonald Joint Venture (MWH/HMM JV), which is designing the DST portion, hired KS to perform an as-built survey of the "tail tunnel" of the ECT where it will connect to the DST. One of the greatest surveying challenges was gaining access to a project site 200 feet below ground. The only entryway to the tunnel is a 50-foot-wide shaft, being utilized by the construction crews installing the ECT.
To overcome this challenge, KS deployed its 3D laser scanner. This technology allows for the rapid acquisition of millions of scan points, providing an enormous amount of survey data in a short timeframe. The laser scanner was used to scan survey control point targets at the top of the shaft, at the bottom of the shaft, and through the ECT tunnel to its terminus. Not only did scanning save time, but the scanner can operate in complete darkness. Utilizing 3D laser scanning, KS obtained all necessary survey data of the 24-foot diameter tunnel to the end of the excavation. To read more about this project, click here.
For the right project, 3D laser scanning can improve safety, expedite the schedule, and provide an unprecedented level of detail to propel the design process. To find out if your next project is a candidate for 3D laser scanning, contact Mark A. Yeager, P.S., Director of Surveying Services: yeagerm@ksassociates.com

About KS Associates:
KS Associates is a civil engineering and land surveying firm founded in 1987. We provide land surveying and mapping services; 3D laser scanning services; design, bidding and construction administration of public infrastructure and transportation projects; coastal engineering; and site development engineering services for residential, commercial and institutional projects. KS Associates is a certified DBE.