Juniper Systems and E.H. Wachs Provide Efficient Data Collection Solution for Water & Wastewater Industries

Logan, UT – Juniper Systems and E.H. Wachs have partnered to provide a new data collection solution for professionals in water & wastewater industries. The new product will be used as both a controller and a data collection device for E.H. Wachs’ trailer and vehicle-mounted valve exercisers. These valve exercisers are manufactured along with a variety of pipe-cutting products by E.H. Wachs’ “Utility Products” division, and are sold to water and natural gas industries throughout the U.S. and Canada, and exported across the world as well.

The new solution consists of E.H. Wachs’ VITALS™ software and the Wachs HC-100, a rugged handheld computer designed & manufactured by Juniper Systems. Over the next few months before the product’s release, E.H. Wachs plans to enhance their VITALS software, adding new features and capabilities to make the data collection process that much smoother and more efficient for customers.

E.H. Wachs’ reasons for selecting the Wachs HC-100 from Juniper Systems include the handheld’s ultra ruggedness, its superior, sunlight-readable display, excellent GNSS performance, serial connectivity for easy integration of their valve exerciser equipment, and its Windows Embedded Handheld operating system, allowing easy implementation of their VITALS software.

According to Mark Wozniak, Engineering Manager at E.H. Wachs: “The water and wastewater industries are demanding innovative technology to help reduce costs and manage assets more effectively and efficiently. By combining E.H. Wachs’ VITALS software with the rugged HC-100 controller, utilities are better equipped to manage their distribution assets. A large sunlight-readable display makes entering valve information and navigating menus faster and easier than ever. The built-in GPS/GNSS provides every field operator the ability to locate and record valve locations quickly and accurately. Combined with VITALS software, the HC-100 provides the industry a class-leading data collection and control solution for their valve exercise operations.”

About Juniper Systems
Based out of Logan, UT, USA and Birmingham, UK Juniper Systems designs and manufactures rugged handheld computers and provides field data collection solutions for use in extreme environments. Since 1993, Juniper Systems has provided innovative mobile technology to natural resources, utilities and public services, geomatics, agriculture, industrial, and military markets. For more information on Juniper Systems products, please visit

About E.H. Wachs
Since its founding in 1883, E.H. Wachs has enjoyed a rich history of product innovation and market leadership that has endured for over 125 years. Today, building on its rich history of superb customer service and a dedicated and enthusiastic work force, E.H. Wachs continues to design and build the best field-portable machine tools and valve exercisers in the world.