Scene Sharp Technologies Signs PraEis as Master Distributor of Fuze Go Software

Cleveland, Ohio, 29 September 2014 – Scene Sharp Technologies Incorporated™ has signed PrāEis Ltd. as the Master Global Distributor for the Fuze Go™ image fusion software line. A geospatially focused technology transfer organization, PrāEis represents Scene Sharp USA, manages sales of Fuze Go™ MS Sharp and Fuze Go™ SAR Sharp software packages and is building a worldwide network of Fuze Go™ distributors. 

“To build the Fuze Go™ worldwide distributor network, we are signing organizations involved in geospatial software sales, value-added processing, service providers and satellite ground station operators,” said Kevin Marasch, Client Distribution Manager of Scene Sharp USA. “Fuze Go™ software is ideal for geospatial end users who have to make every pixel count.” 

Fuze Go™ is a fully automated technology that enables users to quickly and easily fuse digital image data sets without losing any of the spectral information content.  The Fuze Go™ MS Sharp software fuses high-resolution panchromatic image data with lower-resolution multispectral data to generate a high-resolution color image. And Fuze Go™ SAR Sharp fuses gray-scale radar data with optical multispectral bands to colorize the SAR data set. 

“Fuze Go™ MS Sharp is the only lossless pan-sharpening algorithm available today,” said Ian Lucas, President and CEO of Scene Sharp Technologies Inc. “We developed the Fuze Go™ technology for users of remote sensing imagery who can’t afford to lose valuable spectral information content from pixels during pansharpening.” 

Greater information content in multispectral image data allows end users to make better informed decisions, added Lucas. 

In addition, Fuze Go™ MS Sharp is the only fusion software capable of simultaneously merging up to 30 bands of multispectral data with a panchromatic image, making it the ideal fusion package for users of the recently launched Digital Globe WorldView-3 satellite. 

Fuze Go™ products can have immediate impacts in oil & gas, maritime, security, agriculture, water, land use, forestry, environmental and insurance applications. 

Scene Sharp has already introduced the Fuze Go™ Plugin for ENVI®. The plugin gives ENVI® software users access to Fuze Go™ MS Sharp, an automated multispectral image fusion software which can simultaneously fuse up to 30 spectral bands of data without spectral content loss from inside the popular ENVI® geospatial processing package.

Fuze Go™ MS Sharp and Fuze Go™ SAR Sharp are available for purchase for an annual license fee. Batch processing versions of the software packages are also offered to perform automatic fusion of multiple optical or SAR scenes. 

To inquire about becoming a Fuze Go™ distributor or to learn more about the Fuze Go products, please contact Kevin Marasch at 1-216-901-9800 or email 

Please visit to try the software at no charge for 15 days. 

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