Surveyor/Author Mike Pallamary Appears on Discovery Channel’s Fear Thy Neighbor Series

The Discovery Channel recently announced a new television series airing on Monday evenings at 10:00 PM, called "Fear Thy Neighbor." The series documents real life stories about neighbor disputes. Next Monday’s (May 19) episode is based upon an article written by Michael Pallamary, a La Jolla-based professional land surveyor.

Pallamary is a writer for The American Surveyor magazine ( where he pens two columns, "The Curt Brown Chronicles" and "Angle Points." He is also the author of several books including "The Lay of the Land" and "Advanced Land Descriptions," written with the late Paul Cuomo and Roy Minnick, professional land surveyors from The Golden State.

The story involves a boundary line dispute between two lakeside property owners in Northern California over an 18-inch strip of land. In addition to a series of deadly acts of aggression, one of the neighbors ruined the other’s family barbecue by fumigating the party from his side of the boundary using toxic gases. The confrontation escalated after the aggressor hired a hit man to kill his neighbor. The plot was foiled when the police got involved and nabbed the hostile property owner after he paid the undercover hit man.

The trailer can be seen at: