Carlson SurvPC Esri OEM Meets Norway Land Consolidation Court Needs

Maysville, Kentucky, U.S.A. (March 2014) – The Norway Land Consolidation Court (NLCC), a land-mapping agency with more than 80 field crews, has selected Carlson SurvPC with Esri® OEM ArcGIS engine as their field solution for property and land use measurement.

"Carlson SurvPC provides our surveyors with a seamless GIS work environment with no translation issues between field data collector and ArcGIS office solutions,” says Morten Strand, NLCC Senior Adviser Geographic Information Technology. “The software is very user friendly and offers sophisticated functionality for data collection and field editing.”

NLCC was established under the Land Consolidation Act to adjucate boundary disputes among property owners and freeholders in land consolidation cases and resolve issues concerning correct land usage. The NLCC first purchased SurvPC Esri OEM in December 2012 and has since conducted extensive field testing and use of the product, which is now being deployed across the Scandinavian country.

SurvPC Esri OEM works native in the ArcMap environment and allows for feature and map entity creation or revision. The Esri map appears identically in the field as it does saved in the office, and all features with edit-permission can be revised or resurveyed based on field conditions, with updating of attributes. Attribute prompting is automatically captured from the geodatabase, requiring no advance field or office “prep” time. The Esri engine creates a markedly sharp and colorful field display, which is unmatched by any other field survey solution.

The collaboration between Carlson and the Norway Land Consolidation Court included the addition of a major new feature to average GNSS measurements taken over a period of time to tap different satellite constellations, with advanced statistical analysis and outlier removal. This method, originally developed by agency staff, allows for full compliance with Norwegian survey requirements.

“SurvPC supports a variety of surveying brands making it possible to combine different hardware, resulting in a very cost effective solution for NLCC,” adds Strand. “We thank the Carlson Software team for their dedication to meet customers’ needs and the superior support they offer."

“Carlson Software has a track record of collaboration with its users, but is extremely appreciative of the input provided by the Norway Land Consolidation Court leading to new features and GIS capabilities within SurvPC Esri OEM,” says Bruce Carlson, president of Carlson Software. “The newly released product sets a new standard for precision GIS data collection while working live in the familiar and popular Esri map environment.”

The NLCC also selected Altus GNSS receivers after a review of alternatives, and the statistical analysis uses the SurvPC vector storage feature (base to rover) which Altus makes available.

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