GHD Increases Efficiency with AVEVA Electrical and AVEVA Instrumentation

Integrated Electrical and Instrumentation solutions deliver design man-hour savings

Australia, Brisbane – 27 February, 2014: GHD, one of the world’s leading engineering, architecture and environmental consulting companies, has achieved considerable cost savings by integrating AVEVA Electrical with AVEVA Instrumentation. Impressed with both its performance and the technical support available, GHD’s team in Brisbane, Australia has been using AVEVA Instrumentation successfully since 2011. Its productivity encouraged GHD to also implement AVEVA Electrical in the summer of 2013.

“Using the combination of AVEVA Electrical and AVEVA Instrumentation enables us to create high-quality electrical and instrumentation design on one database,” said Rob Trout, Senior Process Control/Instrumentation Engineer, GHD. “The design cost savings alone are considerable. The database-driven approach has also eliminated duplication and opportunities for human errors, creating further savings from the reduction in rework.”

“The electrical and instrumentation engineering and design disciplines share similarities as well as data, information and intelligence. Many physical components require both electrical and instrumentation/control cable designs, for example. Keeping these two disciplines separate is expensive,” said Hanno Tam, Vice President SE & Australasia, AVEVA. “Time costs money and duplication of data invites error. AVEVA Electrical and AVEVA Instrumentation share the same database, with changes in one automatically being replicated in the other and their impact instantly highlighted for attention. No other software vendor can provide the capability to operate such applications directly on a single database. For customers like GHD this is critical to operating efficiently while ensuring the integrity of the design.”

About AVEVA Electrical
Part of AVEVA’s Integrated Engineering and Design solution, AVEVA Electrical is feature-rich software for electrical engineering and design in plant and marine projects. Its advanced graphical user interfaces and cable routing capabilities, with its use of design rules and catalogues for data creation, increase workflow flexibility while improving productivity and design quality.

About AVEVA Instrumentation
AVEVA Instrumentation is a sister product to AVEVA Electrical, sharing a common database and providing corresponding features and benefits for instrumentation engineering and design in plant and marine projects. AVEVA Instrumentation is also part of AVEVA’s Integrated Engineering and Design solution.

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