SuperPad 3.1a, Mobile GIS Enhances Data collection and Reporting for Cement Industries in Indonesia

Supergeo Technologies, a leading global provider of complete GIS mapping software and solutions, announced that Indocement, a cement manufacturer company in Indonesia, used SuperPad 3.1a to complete field data collection for helping the management make informative decisions and company policies with accurate information about cement, production plants, vehicle dispatching, etc.

To improve overall operational efficiency and achieve a significant saving in labor and vehicle dispatching costs, the mobile GIS software allows Indocement to capture and report surveyed data, as well as update database to effectively distribute and manage the use of the company’s resources, making improvement in its products and services.

SuperPad 3.1a offers Online Map Tool which enables surveyors to apply online map sources like OpenStreetMap as the base maps to increase survey efficiency and achieve great cost-saving in data preparation. In addition, GNSS driver is also available to record satellite signals information while collecting spatial data and consequently improve the accuracy of the collected data.

To widely promote the use of GIS technology in Indonesia, Datascrip has assisted many government sectors and enterprises in establishing integrated solutions using SuperGIS mapping software to meet their needs of geospatial applications. By working in collaboration with Datascrip, Supergeo expects to achieve new market penetration in the Indonesian market.

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