Quantum Spatial Formed through Merger of AeroMetric, Photo Science and WSI

Sheboygan, Wisconsin, September 4, 2013 – Aero-Metric, Inc. (AeroMetric) is pleased to announce that it has entered into definitive agreements to acquire two of the leading providers of geospatial services and solutions – Photo Science, Inc. (Photo Science) and Watershed Sciences, Inc. (WSI) to form Quantum Spatial.

Quantum Spatial delivers professional services and solutions for clients across all industry verticals with specialized expertise in energy, transportation, utilities, environmental, mining, national security, federal agencies, state and local government and commercial applications. Quantum Spatial plans to invest significantly to enhance its solutions, as well as expand its newly launched family of GeoApps, a suite of cloud-based, enterprise-wide, operational solutions. As a result of this merger, Quantum Spatial’s domestic and international clients will benefit from enhanced capabilities and solutions. In addition, clients will benefit from accelerated research and development through significant investments to create new solutions that will address the evolving challenges faced by each end market. Clients will also have complete access to the creativity and knowledge of the firms’ expanded core capabilities and resources.

Additionally, Quantum Spatial is pleased to announce that Patrick Olson, the CEO of AeroMetric, will be the new Chief Executive Officer of Quantum Spatial. G. Michael Ritchie, the President and CEO of Photo Science will serve as the COO of Quantum Spatial. Matt Boyd and Russ Faux, former Co-CEO’s of WSI will serve on the Executive Committee of Quantum Spatial and will lead the Solutions Applications effort across all industries.

“I am excited to be part of the creation of Quantum Spatial and the ability to provide unmatched solutions, knowledge and scale to our clients,” said Patrick Olson. “We look forward to continuing to expand our mission of providing on-target geospatial solutions, utilizing the in-depth knowledge and expertise of the industry’s largest professional and technical staff. The added capabilities and geographic reach created by this merger will better position us to address the critical needs and priorities of our clients’ ever changing requirements across all of our markets.”

Michael Ritchie noted, “Together, we are uniquely positioned to provide the market with the most comprehensive set of geospatial solutions available in the Americas and to greatly increase our unique tools and applications through collaboration and increased research and development. ”

“The increased societal use of spatial data is spawning disruptive new technologies, continual innovation, and altered competitive pressure,” said Matt Boyd, Co-CEO of WSI. “These factors combine to create radical change and new opportunities. Clients want advanced analytics and answers now. Quantum Spatial will lead and accelerate this transformation."

Russ Faux added, ”This merger represents a strategic move that capitalizes on the collective resources, expertise, and experience of all three firms to advance the global geospatial market place. As Quantum Spatial, we are excited to expand upon our service offerings while continuing to maintain the personalized service and spirit of collaboration that our clients have come to expect and appreciate.”

The company’s consolidation will be seamless. Quantum Spatial will work closely with its clients, partners, and employees to make the integration process a success. Our clients will continue to work with the same people within the respective firms that they have in the past while gaining full access to the expanded capabilities and solutions of the combined company.

About Quantum Spatial, Inc.
Quantum Spatial is the largest provider of location-based tools, analytics and data in North America, utilizing proprietary software tools and applications to create solutions that can be delivered in a tailored, fully-hosted environment to provide clients with a unique portal through which they can better understand and interact with geospatial data. The firm delivers professional services and solutions for clients across all industry verticals with specialized expertise in energy, transportation, utilities, environmental, transportation, mining, national security, federal agencies, state and local government and commercial applications. For more information about Quantum Spatial please call 1-855-255-5212 or visit www.quantumspatial.com.

About Aero-Metric, Inc.
Aero-Metric, Inc. (AeroMetric) is a full-service geospatial solutions company built on over eight decades of consistent, quality service and enduring client relationships. The firm offers a comprehensive range of on target geospatial solutions, from the latest in enterprise GIS on-premise and in the cloud, to professional mapping services including photogrammetric, LiDAR, satellite, and airborne imaging technology. For more information please visit www.aerometric.com.

About Photo Science, Inc.
Photo Science, Inc. (Photo Science) is a geospatial solutions provider specializing in aerial acquisition (imagery and LiDAR), data collection/processing, photogrammetric mapping, mobile mapping, remote sensing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), systems integration, and GPS surveying services. For more information please visit www.photoscience.com.

About Watershed Sciences, Inc.
Watershed Sciences, Inc. (WSI) specializes in utilizing applied airborne remote sensing data capture and analysis to develop a variety of assessment, visualization, and software solutions. The firm has earned a reputation for providing innovative professional solutions for clients in utility, commercial forestry, natural resource management, utilities, energy, and green technology. These proprietary methodologies and solutions have served to empower project stakeholders to maximize the use of geospatial information in their internal business practices. For more information please visit www.wsidata.com.