Hertfordshire Awards Survey and Consultancy Contract to Yotta DCL

Leamington Spa, 30 May 2013 – The UK’s Hertfordshire County Council has awarded a contract worth up to GBP 130,000 to Yotta DCL for road surveying services across its 5000-km road network. The highway technology and surveying company is also providing consultancy services to help Hertfordshire develop cost-effective asset data collection regimes.
“Yotta DCL provides quality data at a reasonable price. We’ve worked with the company on many occasions and we have a good working relationship with the company spanning at least five years. We have found the data Yotta DCL provides to be reliable and accurate, which makes it much simpler to validate. Also, the support is excellent; if we have a query, Yotta DCL is quick to respond with an answer,” says Tunde Bammeke, Asset Manager (Highways) for Hertfordshire County Council.

Yotta DCL performs Coarse Visual Surveys (CVI) on all of Hertfordshire’s 3000 km of unclassified (local) roads. The CVIs provide condition data on roads that are too short or too narrow for machine-based surveying. On Hertfordshire’s A, B and C class (principal) roads Yotta DCL undertakes Traffic Speed Condition Surveys (SCANNER) using one of its fleet of special Tempest vans. The vehicle is equipped with the latest data collection technology to capture longitudinal profile, texture, transverse profile, and cracking of the road surface. Cracking data is processed from high-resolution images of the pavement taken by a line-scanning camera.

“Yotta DCL’s accurate data collection has enabled us to engage in many projects over a number of years. This particular project investigated using Hertfordshire SCANNER data to measure road edge deterioration, carried out with an external consultant within Halcrow Ltd. This provided some very interesting information that enabled us to address this particular problem. We were able to share the results and our findings with other highways authorities at one of Yotta DCL’s annual customer meetings,” says Tunde Bammeke.

About Yotta DCL
Yotta DCL is a pioneering highway’s technology and surveying company based in Leamington Spa, UK. The Company develops innovative services and technologies to help authorities manage highway assets, improving quality, efficiency and productivity. Yotta DCL is part of OMG plc; a successful global technology company listed on the London Stock Exchange. OMG is one of the world’s leading suppliers of image understanding systems including motion capture and computer vision; this innovative technology is applied by Yotta DCL to highways surveying. Yotta DCL has a 15-year track record in providing highway’s surveying services to authorities in the UK. These services include visual inspections, SCANNER road surface condition surveys and asset inventory surveys. Yotta DCL also develops hardware and software and has recently announced Horizons, an innovative web based software platform that seamlessly combines GIS, Pavement Management and Asset Management. Yotta DCL provides consultancy services, offering extensive expertise in the management of highways with a bespoke service tailored to provide exactly the help that highways authorities require.