SPAR Point Group Announces the Acquisition of International LiDAR Mapping Forum and European LiDAR Mapping Forum

April 10, 2013 (Portland, Maine) – SPAR Point Group, conference organizer and provider of news and market information for professionals involved in 3D data capture and imaging technologies, announced today that it has acquired International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) and European LiDAR Mapping Forum (ELMF) from UK-based Intelligent Exhibitions. The acquisition is part of a larger acquisition by Diversified Business Communications, owner of SPAR Point Group, in which Diversified acquired Intelligent Exhibitions, producer of international exhibitions and conferences.

“We are thrilled to have ILMF and ELMF in the SPAR Point Group portfolio,” said Lisa Murray, Director of SPAR Point Group. “These well-established, highly-regarded events further expand our reach into airborne LiDAR, bathymetry and mobile mapping technologies. Users are increasingly integrating data from multiple sources and it makes sense that as these technologies converge, the events that serve the market work together to support the industry.” Ms. Murray added that the ELMF will take place alongside the SPAR Europe Conference on End-to-End 3D in Amsterdam November 11-13, 2013. ILMF will take place as a stand-alone event in Denver in 2014 and SPAR Point Group’s flagship event, SPAR International, will take place again in Colorado Springs, April 14-17, 2014.

“By holding our European events together, we are able to provide our customers the full spectrum of data capture, processing and delivery education at one time,” said Ms. Murray. “Both ELMF and SPAR Europe are nascent, smaller events, so holding them alongside each other in our new venue in Amsterdam makes sense.” The US events will remain apart in 2014. “Because ILMF and SPAR International are larger and more established, we will run these events separately in 2014, working closely with our customers and market leaders to determine what will serve the market best in North America in future years,” said Ms. Murray.

“It has become apparent in recent years that the next natural step is for these conferences to merge,” said Versha Carter, Managing Director of Intelligent Exhibitions. “Not only do we think this will benefit the exhibitors but the industry as a whole.”

Both ELMF and ILMF will be operated out of Diversified Business Communications’ Portland, Maine, US headquarters. “We welcome Versha Carter and the Intelligent Exhibitions team to Diversified’s global team,” said Nancy Hasselback, President and CEO of Diversified. “They have built a world-class business and will be focusing on launching additional events within Diversified, operating Ocean Business, and assisting on the integration of ILMF, ELMF and SPAR.”

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