Merrick & Company Supports the Value of GSS

Aurora, CO – July 30, 2012 – Merrick & Company ( Brian Raber, Vice President, GeoSpatial Solutions market sector team, was invited to attend a legislative and oversight field hearing this summer regarding H.R. 4233, "Map It Once, Use It many Times Act." Raber, also a Board of Director for the Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors (MAPPS), testified in support of updating federal land mapping practices that will lead to jobs, cost savings, and technical advancements.

Colorado Representative Doug Lamborn (R-CO) recently introduced H.R. 4233, which provides for consolidation and stronger organizational partnerships for geospatial coordination. The legislation also encourages the government to maximize the use and application of geospatial data, which involves the reform, and redesign of how mapping and geospatial information activities are funded and managed at the Federal level. In addition, H.R. 4233 will eliminate obsolete programs and establish today’s priorities. "I’d like to commend Mr. Lamborn for introducing H.R. 4233. This action demonstrates an appreciation for the importance of geospatial data and service to our state and the Nation," says Raber.

As one of the leading centers of an emerging "geospatial" community, many Colorado businesses, nonprofit organizations, universities and Federal agencies call Colorado home. Raber testified that more than 100,000 geospatial-related jobs exist in the State, thus further qualifying this Bill for the state’s healthy economic future. "Geospatial jobs are in demand, as they are high paying, high tech, and high quality jobs," Raber added.

Raber continued his testimony, reinforcing the importance of H.R. 4233, and challenged, "If the Federal government is utilizing geospatial data as effectively as it can, H.R. 4233 will help solve the problem by reasserting the U.S. Geological Survey to a leadership position among Federal civil agencies."

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