Karl Nicholas Named Carlson Software Director of Special Projects

Maysville, Ky., U.S.A. (July 30, 2012)— Karl Nicholas of Simi Valley, California, has joined Carlson Software Inc. as its new Director of Special Projects. 

This is a new position at Carlson, developed as the company works closely with manufacturers of data collectors, computers, GNSS, and robotic total stations to provide solutions to the land development and mining industries.

Nicholas, a co-holder of two U.S. patents, brings more than 35 years experience in the design, development, implementation and application of field data collection solutions requiring accurate positioning and geospatial location. His education background includes a BS in Electrical Engineering from Brigham Young University and an MBA from the University of Southern California.

“Karl spearheaded the development of the Carlson Surveyor+, Surveyor+ GPS and the CarlsonMINI when he was with Juniper Systems,” said Bruce Carlson, president of Carlson Software. “They have been extremely successful products for Carlson and we look forward to Karl acting as a liaison with Juniper as we collaborate in the future.”

Nicholas will be working closing with William “Butch” Herter, Carlson’s director of Hardware and Southeast U.S. Sales, helping to implement many of the products that Herter has initiated by working with manufacturer-level production. He will also be working with Carlson’s Machine Control Division and with Carlson EMEA on their product development.

“I am excited to be part of the Carlson team and look forward to contributing as Carlson continues to deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions for land survey, mining, machine control, integrating precise positioning and easy-to-use software,” said Nicholas.

Founded in 1983, Carlson Software is a leading independent provider of office and field software for land development markets, including land surveying, civil engineering, mining, construction, accident reconstruction, agriculture, and machine control.

Nicholas will continue to be based in Simi Valley, California. For more information about Carlson Software and its wide variety of software products, visit www.carlsonsw.com.