TRIUMPH-VS software updates 1.9 have been released

TRIUMPH-VS software updates 1.9 have been released.

New features include:

– GNSS files AFRM setting.
– FTP Upload.
– External UHF modem configuration.

– Chinese language support.

Also improved:

– Action screen structure and performance.

– Map screen structure and performance.
– Trajectory Survey performance.
– Stake Line performance.
– Objects naming algorithm.
– Coordinate system transformation.
– Tutorial screens.

– Lift&Tilt setting moved to Mounting Method screen.
Insert 4Gb microSD Card into Triumph-VS/NT or Victor-VS.  Turn on unit and be sure that VS software launched.  Configure Internet Connection via Settings.

Get the Home/Support/Update Software screen.

You should see new version available now.  Click Update button to start upgrade procedure.

 See details at