MineSuite Production Information Technology Moves to MinLog

Mine technology provider Maptek and distribution partner MinLog have consolidated their MineSuite businesses.

MinLog assumed all responsibility for the distribution, delivery, development and support of the MineSuite product for Maptek customers effective from January 1, 2012.

MinLog has a significant history of successful delivery and support of MineSuite systems in Africa. The cross-regional MinLog operations will provide a coordinated and strengthened service to customers.

Maptek maintained continuity of service, supply and support during the transition period.

‘We are confident the consolidated business will be beneficial to MineSuite customers,’ said Maptek General Manager, Australia, Peter Johnson.

‘MinLog will operate with a single strategic goal of delivering the best Production Management Information Systems in the world,’ he added.

‘MinLog is at the forefront of mining executional value chain solutions. We aim to work with the industry as a preferred strategic partner in providing leading solutions that will deliver bottom-line operational results, and look forward to taking MineSuite to the next level.,’ said MinLog Managing Director, Karel Gilliland.

‘MinLog has an exceptional understanding of the industry and is committed to offer global mining organisations one version of the truth across process, discipline and systems,’ he added.

Maptek and MinLog will continue to collaborate and provide mutual support.

Current MineSuite installations will still be serviced and supported by the same people, with MinLog operating from the existing Maptek premises in Callistemon Close, Warabrook, New South Wales, as well as its premises in South Africa.

Contact MinLog at one@minlog.com.au or one@minlog.co.za for information about MineSuite in your region.

About MinLog
MinLog is a preferred strategic partner for the global mining industry, providing leading executional value chain solutions that offer one version of the truth across process, discipline and systems. Our solution offering includes MineSuite Management Information Systems and MineSuite Fleet Management Systems. Jointly with our partner, Maptek, we have a reputable track record in delivering solutions beyond systems to leading global mining organisations across various continents for more than 10 years.

About Maptek
Maptek is a global company that has been developing 3D software and hardware for more than 30 years. Maptek’s robust, modular systems include Maptek Vulcan™, one of the world’s longest standing 3D mine planning and modelling packages, and Maptek I-Site™ which provides easy-to-use high technology surveying solutions for mining and forensic markets. Maptek products are in use at over 1000 sites worldwide, supported by 360 staff in 14 offices.