TECTERRA Launches Commercialization Support Services Program

Calgary, September 22, 2011: A program that will accelerate the success of new and growing geomatics business ventures was launched by TECTERRA today. The Commercialization Support Services (CSS) program provides funds assisting geomatics entrepreneurs in the implementation of best-practice techniques in the development, management and growth of their business.

The program recognizes that while the technological innovation is key to driving geomatics development, a need for business skills support is also required for success. The CSS program offers Canadian geomatics entrepreneurs financial support to develop and adopt business skills and practices in several areas that include: strategic planning, human resources management, go-to-market strategies, communications and branding, and intellectual property management.

“This is a unique program that will set the geomatics entrepreneurs on a path to success with their new businesses,” said TECTERRA’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Mohamed Abousalem. “CSS leverages expert services available through other organizations and professionals. We’re proud to offer CSS as an opportunity for geomatics entrepreneurs to build their business skills and bring their products successfully to market.”

TECTERRA will pay up to $50K in eligible costs in any one calendar year per applicant. Funds are paid to Approved Service Providers (ASP) that are either referred through TECTERRA’s existing vendor list or are identified by the applicant and approved under this program. CSS requires the applicant to repay 25 per cent of the total cost at project completion while 75 per cent is a non-repayable grant.

Eligible recipients are small businesses and individual entrepreneurs who have established a business venture or a start-up company in Canada to commercialize geomatics technology. For complete details and application forms, visit Commercialization Support Services on TECTERRA’s website.