TECTERRA Announces Two New Funding Opportunities for Geomatics in Healthcare and Canada’s North

Calgary, August 23, 2011: TECTERRA announced two new targeted sector funding programs that will provide funding for the commercialization of geomatics technology in healthcare and in Canada’s North. Each opportunity will contribute to improved services for their respective areas. The initiative is a result of collaboration between TECTERRA and two other commercialization centres, Clinexus and LOOKNorth.

“We’re expanding the reach of geomatics technology to additional Canadian markets, regions and applications,” said Dr. Mohamed Abousalem, TECTERRA’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our main focus is supporting the development of geomatics technology solutions for the resource sectors. We’ll continue on that track along with select targeted industry and market sectors to benefit specific needs and to further stimulate the use of geomatics across Canada.”

The Geomatics Technology for Healthcare funding program is the outcome of a special forum in which TECTERRA collaborated with Clinexus to identify opportunities to develop geomatics solutions for unmet needs in healthcare. The program is an opportunity for Canadian small and medium companies and Alberta geomatics applied research groups, separately or jointly, to apply for up to $500,000 in support of geomatics technology development for health applications.

“We’re pleased to see TECTERRA participating in accelerating the development of innovative geomatics technology for healthcare,” said Rob Beamish, Executive Director of Clinexus.

The Geomatics Technology for Canada’s North, TECTERRA’s other targeted sector funding program, is jointly funded by TECTERRA and LOOKNorth. Applicants can receive up to $500,000 for projects focused on the application of remote sensing and other geomatics technologies for integrated resource management applications in Canada’s North. This program is targeting projects in both the initial stages of commercializing a new technology (including, prototyping, piloting and field trials), as well as later stage product development and commercialization.

“We look forward to working with TECTERRA to support the development of innovative geomatics technology for the safe and sustainable development of Canada’s northern natural resources,”
said Paul Adlakha, Executive Director of LOOKNorth.

The application deadline for both targeted sector funding opportunities is November 10, 2011. For complete details, visit TECTERRA’s website.