GPS Launches New Website for Construction and Survey Professionals at CON-EXPO

GPS, a full service Internet e-commerce business, announces the launch of its new website. The site is a new way for GPS users to buy and sell machine control or survey GPS equipment. "Buy What You Want, Sell When You Want"

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) April 5, 2011 – GPS was built for construction and survey professionals in mind. The site was built to allow people to buy and sell GPS equipment in a format unlike any other site. “Auction sites are very difficult for buying and selling expensive technology products,” says Jeff Szukalski, managing director of Traders LLC. “Our site combines active buyers and active sellers. This allows you to get the best equipment at the best price, always”.

The site is set up so sellers across the country can log-in and easily post their equipment on the website. None of the equipment is visible to other users until a bid is placed. At that time, an email is sent out to each seller who has equipment that matches the buyer’s criteria. The seller can then determine if they want to sell their equipment for that price, counter-offer, or wait for a more attractive bid. It is that easy!

“Our site is the exact opposite of most auction sites out there today”, says Szukalski. “We want sellers to be able to sell when the time is right for them, not in the 2-3 minute window of a live auction or 6-7 days on eBay®. This equipment is expensive and its buyers are different than the typical auction attendee. Standard auctions rarely work for technology products".

GPS Traders is operated by a group of GPS professionals with over 25 years of knowledge within the machine control and survey industries. Buyers also have the option of getting their equipment checked by authorized service centers to ensure the equipment is as described.

Coming in the spring of 2011, GPS will also begin its Dealer Partnership program. If you are a Trimble, Topcon, Leica, or CAT dealer with extra inventory and need a new outlet to sell used equipment and parts, GPS can help. The site offers a great way to help alleviate many of the hardships faced at the dealer level.

“With the current recession, many contractors do not have the money or work to purchase new systems. Contractors need to look for parts or components to keep their old systems running longer. Many want the efficiencies of GPS but cannot afford the price tag of new right now. GPS Traders allows them to get into machine control and GPS for a fraction of the cost.”

“On the reverse side, some contractors would like to upgrade to the newer systems, but do not know what to do with their old equipment. GPS allows users to post all of their equipment currently sitting in the backroom or not being fully utilized. Sell it when you want and use that money to purchase a new system.”

GPS has an easy to use posting process so entering your equipment on the site takes a matter of seconds instead of minutes. The site was built for you to quickly post all of your equipment. Whether you want to sell it today or not, post the items and see how many offers you get. If money is going to be tight next month, sell a unit. You never know when the right buyer is going to come around