Pythagoras BVBA Partners with Al Shabeeb Precision Instruments

April 6th 2011 – Pythagoras is a standalone CAD program that focuses on markets concerning surveying, constructing, engineering,… Powerful and user friendly drawing and calculation functions give the user the possibility to treat measurements accurately and to finish drawings swiftly. Thanks to the modular system, the user can compose a software package according his or her needs. Digital terrain models, road design, importing field data and georeferenced images, … Anything is possible!

From this month, April 6th, Pythagoras BVBA is proud to announce a new partnership with Al Shabeeb Precision Instruments. This company is located in Doha, Qatar, and will take care of sales in the Qatar region. 

Osseven 12
2350 Vosselaar
Tel :  +32 14 61 32 70  Fax : +32 14 61 82 15

Al Shabeeb Precision Instruments
No. 7 Yazeed Bin Qais, Al Rayyan, Qatar
PO Box 5077, Doha,  Qatar
Tel. & Fax : +974 448 140 430