Florida Legislative Bill Threatens to Eliminate Survey Licenses

Tallahassee, Fla. – Two proposed committee bills (PCBs) that aim to deregulate business in the State of Florida today passed the House Business & Consumer Affairs Subcommittee. The first PCB (PCB BCAS 11-01) deregulates certain professions and occupations, while the second bill (PCB BCAS 11-02) reduces and streamlines current regulations.

“More than 50 industries which require the licensing or registration of more than 200 businesses, professions, occupations or activities currently fall under the purview of the Business & Consumer Affairs Subcommittee alone – this amounts to nearly 2 million licenses, registrations or permits,” said Representative Esteban Bovo (R-Hialeah), chair of the House Business & Consumer Affairs Subcommittee. “Too often, these regulations are designed and implemented in a way that burdens the private sector which only serves to restrict healthy competition and impede economic growth.”

“It is urgent given the current economic climate in our state that we pursue regulatory reform that empowers Florida businesses,” said Representative Dorothy Hukill (R-Port Orange), chair of the House Economic Affairs Committee. “This legislation is vital to getting our economy back on track by eliminating obstacles for private sector growth that ultimately leads to job creation.”

PCB BCAS 11-01 proposes to repeal licensing and examination requirements and penalties for specified professions, occupations, and businesses currently regulated by the state. The PCB applies to the following professions and businesses: Athlete Agents; Auctioneers; Auctioneer Apprentices; Body Wrappers; Business Opportunities; Charitable Organizations; Community Association Managers/Firms; Condominiums and Cooperatives; Dance Studios; Employee Leasing Companies; Hair Braiders; Hair Wrappers; Health Studios; Home Inspectors; Interior Designers; Intrastate Movers; Landscape Architects; Mobile Home Lots; Mold-related Services; Motor Vehicle Repair Shops; Professional Geology; Professional Surveyors and Mappers; Rooming Houses; Sellers of Travel; Talent Agents; Telemarketing; Timeshares; Yacht and Ship Brokers; Water Vending Machines; Television Tube Labeling; Sales Representative Contracts.