Michael Bartholomew Named President of Biscayne Engineering Company

George Bolton steps aside after 40 years at the helm

Biscayne Engineering Company, Miami’s oldest continuous business since 1898, has a new president. Michael Bartholomew was named president by vote of the company directors. He assumes his new duties immediately.

Bartholomew follows George Bolton, who, for the past forty-six years, has been an employee and owner/president of the company. Bolton’s history with Biscayne goes back to the days he was just out of the army and followed in the footsteps of his grandfather, E.E.Harvey, one of the original stockholders.

Bartholomew joined Biscayne Engineering twenty-three years ago after his graduation from Everett Community College, Everett, Washington. In 1997, he became licensed as a Professional Surveyor and Mapper with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers.

For the past several years, Bartholomew has held the position of Vice-President of Surveying. In that position, he was responsible for managing the department’s surveying contracts and overseeing the preparation of a wide variety of surveys from Boundary, ALTA/ACSM, Construction, Specific Purpose, Topographic, Mean High Water and many others.

Commenting on his appointment to President of Biscayne, Bartholomew said that he has some large shoes to fill following George Bolton. “I feel very happy and at the same time very humble that the board chose me for this position,” stated Bartholomew. “My approach to surveying and my responsibility to provide leadership to my company will be centered around a philosophy of Ethics in Surveying and Engineering, It is all about ethics and doing what is right. In all areas of our daily operation, I will be involved and acutely aware of guaranteeing an honest company with honest employees doing an honest day’s work every day.”

Bolton added that the time had come for a younger person to take the helm, and that he will continue to be active in the company for a while longer. Bolton said, “My job as the leader for this company has been to grow new leaders. That’s the best legacy I can leave. I am so confident of Mike. I know he will take this company to new heights.”