Merrick Celebrates 15 Years in Renewable Energy

Aurora, CO – Feb. 2, 2011 – Merrick & Company, an employee-owned professional engineering, architecture, design-build, surveying, and geospatial technologies firm, is celebrating 15 years in the biofuels and renewable energy markets this year. Merrick entered the market in 1996 when, in conjunction with MillerCoors, the company planned, financed, engineered, and developed an ethanol plant located at the MillerCoors Brewery, Golden, CO. Merrick owns the facility and markets, annually, three million gallons of ethanol produced at the plant. Since then, Merrick has continued to expand its work in bio-processing and renewable energy with additional projects in biofuels and biochemicals and wind and solar energy.

“Merrick saw an opportunity, in 1996, to take the lead in the renewable energy market by developing an environmentally sensitive solution that would convert brewing residuals into biofuels, a process implemented long before it was popular. Merrick’s team of engineers, known for developing creative solutions, evaluated the options and developed technologically sophisticated and environmentally responsible processes. Those concepts developed over 15 years ago help to strengthen our country’s energy independence today,” said Ralph W. Christie, Jr., PE, Chairman, President, and CEO of Merrick.

The concept of renewable energy has been around for thousands of years, with a stronger focus being placed on it in the past 50 – 60 years. That focus has ramped up in the last 20 years, due to energy and environmental concerns, and has been accompanied by advancements in technology, the development of new processes, the shift to second generation biofuels, and the creation of the bio-processing market.

Merrick & Company is a $100 million engineering, architecture, design-build, surveying, and geospatial solutions firm, serving domestic and international clients in the energy, security, life sciences, and infrastructure markets. The firm is committed to sustainable design and construction practices through its 55+ LEED-accredited professionals and continually expands its in-house resources to serve tomorrow’s needs. Headquartered in Colorado, the employee-owned company maintains nine offices in the U.S. as well as offices in Canada and Mexico.

More information about Merrick & Company is located at the Merrick & Company Newsroom