ADW Software BVBA becomes Pythagoras BVBA

From the 1st of January 2011 Pythagoras BVBA will take over all business activities of ADW Software BVBA.

Pythagoras BVBA is formed by two employees of ADW Software BVBA, Jan Van Looy, currently responsible for marketing & sales, and Stijn Van Beek, currently responsible for research & development. They will both become CEO of Pythagoras BVBA. Next to the take-over of all business activities, Pythagoras BVBA will keep all members of the current ADW Software team.

Thanks to this acquisition, Pythagoras BVBA will be able to guarantee the continuity of the software Pythagoras and existing or new customers can count on improvements and upgrades on a regular base.

Important technical changes in the world of CAD and GIS, will be closely followed and implemented.

In this way, Pythagoras will always meet the high expectations of this demanding CAD and GIS market.

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