Amberg Technologies Delivers 288 GRP Track Surveying Systems to China

Virginia Beach, VA – September 16, 2010 – Swiss manufacturer, Amberg Technologies has now delivered 288 GRP track surveying systems to China, where they are being used for precise construction of their massive high speed rail program. The Amberg Slab Track surveying system includes the GRP 1000 survey trolley powered by the Amberg Rail-Slab Track software application module.

Although the Amberg GRP system is modular and can address a wide variety of track measurement applications such as clearance, tamping, track geometry surveying and as-built documentation, the GRP 1000 configuration which is being utilized in China caters to the special requirements of slab track construction. This allows the tracks to be built with millimeter accuracy and comprehensively documented for quality assurance during the construction phase and final verification.

The unique system enables contractors to realize significant production and accuracy increases of the overall slab track construction process while minimizing the inherent risks of this type of construction. This is due to a well thought out, real-time operating concept. The track design is loaded into the onboard Amberg Rail software. During the construction process, the system measures, calculates and then displays real-time adjustment values of track deviations from the design. This allows for immediate and precise adjustment of the track. To further increase production, Amberg has designed an entire survey process specifically for slab track construction.

The contractor benefits from increased production at all phases of construction, lower labor costs, minimized risk and lower materials cost (e.g., reduction of required shims).

The track owner benefits from a faster construction schedule, better alignments, a smoother ride for customers and less maintenance costs of rolling stock due to smoother track alignments.

“The expertise we have developed with the experience in China is a tremendous benefit to our clients here in North America. This is a new technology for North America that offers a more productive work process and ultimately a better overall rail project” said Brian Daniel, Regional Manager of Amberg Technologies in North America.

About Amberg Technologies
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