SierraSoft Introduces Topko CE Version 5.0 for Cadastral and Topographic Survey

Topko CE 5.0 supports Ashtech ProMark 500 GNSS system for seamless surveying

Pordenone, Italy (May 13, 2010). SierraSoft has released Topko CE 5.0, software for field data collection that supports all the features and capabilities of the Ashtech ProMark 500 GNSS receiver. In a clear and foolproof way, Topko CE 5.0 manages the complete range of ProMark 500 capabilities, including receiver configuration, all surveying procedures, even the most complicated, such as localizations and country customizations.
”Software is the most important part of the user experience,” said Keven Corazza, product manager Geomatics division, SierraSoft.  “Topko CE 5.0 is the result of SierraSoft’s dedicated effort to offer surveyors a real alternative in a market filled with me-too solutions.  Users may not always understand what is in the hardware, but they know exactly and quickly if software is good for them or not. Our cooperation with Ashtech, an important and innovative player in the GPS market, has enabled us to improve our software and enter high-end GNSS survey market segments dominated by more established software players”.
“Our partnership with SierraSoft has created a new way for land surveyors, using the ProMark 500 and Topko CE, to acquire a fully integrated survey solution. It is a  witness to our cooperation with experienced business partners to enrich our GNSS offering to quickly and precisely address specific market needs such as easy-to-use application or specific local customization.“, said Jacek Pietruczanis, land survey product marketing manager, Ashtech.
About Topko CE
Topko CE software for cadastral and topographic survey operates on Windows Mobile instruments and can be used along with a wide range of total stations and GPS receivers. It offers the ability to have a permanent view of CAD graphics with most of CAD functions directly accessible to verify in real time the object of the survey, to create new points and to complete the survey drawing directly on field. Topko CE includes advanced COGO and road stakeout functions as well as the opportunity to import/export data in different formats.
About SierraSoft
SierraSoft is a collaboration of professionals skilled in complementary fields, promoting the development and support of software for topography, civil engineering and the building industry. SierraSoft software solutions are used worldwide by thousands of surveyors, architects, engineers, technical studies, and engineering companies, building contractors, research institutes, schools and government offices. Thanks to its highly innovative products, assuring its competitiveness, SierraSoft continues to enjoy strong growth. Its Development Centre offers quick and comprehensive answers to the issues of new technologies and to the ever changing needs of customers. SierraSoft customers rely on SierraSoft to quickly get the updating which helps them stay competitive.
About the ProMark 500
The  ProMark 500 rover and rover/base system offer GPS+GLONASS+25 years of field-proven technologies for surveying and geodesy. Embedded BLADE™ Technology introduces a unique patented way to use multiple GNSS constellations for high-accuracy positioning. BLADE insures fast initialization, long-range accuracy, and extensive compatibility with other manufacturer’s GNSS products. BLADE also accounts for the GLONASS receiver biases in reference stations, allowing the user to optimally use the GLONASS signals from any manufacturer’s receiver. Our new technology provides robust signal tracking, advanced multipath mitigation, and high availability of satellites in difficult conditions.

About Ashtech
Recognized as an industry innovator, Ashtech has been developing GNSS technology for more than 25 years.  Ashtech is the creator of BLADE technology, which introduces a unique patented method to the market using multiple GNSS constellations for high-accuracy positioning.  Ashtech has also introduced the MobileMapper™ series of products for GIS and mapping, as well as the ProFlex 500 and ProMark series, including the ProMark 500, ProMark3 RTK and ProMark 3, a well-recognized GNSS Land Survey product line currently on the market. Ashtech S.A.S. is privately held and headquartered in Carquefou, France, with offices in Beijing, China, and Singapore, as well as affiliates in Santa Clara, California (Ashtech LLC) and Moscow (Ashtech A/O LLC). For more information on Ashtech, visit