Pipeline Expert Steve Leblanc Joins Fenstermaker Team

Greg Palmer, Vice President of Business Development for Fenstermaker, recently announced the appointment of Steve Leblanc as the firm’s new Pipeline Market Leader. Previous to this delegation, Mr. Leblanc worked as a Consultant and Inspector for Chevron Pipeline, managing and overseeing their projects on new and existing pipelines while maintaining all vital records, including Safety, Permitting, and DOT Compliance.

In his new position at Fenstermaker, Mr. Leblanc will bring his extensive knowledge and experience in pipeline implementation, maintenance, safety, and public impact to lead and expand Fenstermaker’s new pipeline market. With established contacts within the industry, he will generate new business for the firm and act as a liaison to pipeline owners, coordinating surveying services and environmental assessments to consult clients on creating new pipelines or maintaining old ones. An expert in compliance regulations, Mr. Leblanc will also play an integral role in keeping clients’ pipelines within legal and safety parameters.     

Before joining the Fenstermaker team, Mr. Leblanc spent 28 years with Texaco, Inc., working as the Pipeline Safety Inspector, an Associate Engineer, and Cathodic Inspector I & II. During that time, he organized and implemented DOT compliance regulations for pipeline systems within the Western area, designed and constructed pipelines with damage prevention in mind, and managed operations, keeping pipelines safe and corrosion-free. Additionally, Mr. Leblanc established and fostered relationships between pipeline owners, the government and the public by instituting programs in south Louisiana and Texas to strengthen public education and safety awareness. Eliminating factors that could impact the environment and public health adversely, Mr. Leblanc consulted with landowners and government offices to efficiently and properly supervise 1,500 miles of pipeline in Louisiana and Texas.

Mr. Leblanc received an Associate Degree in Professional Drafting from Delta Business College in Lafayette, LA. He received additional, professional training in pipeline design, safety, operations and maintenance through institutions such as the DOT Transportation Safety Institute, the National Welding Inspection School, the E&P Technology Division, and the Operator Qualification Solutions Group. While at Texaco, he also garnered two NOVA awards: one for exemplary performance and another for outstanding customer service.

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