Enbase and Getac Partner to Offer Turnkey, Energy Field Service Solution

January 20, 2010 – Houston, Texas – Enbase Energy Technology, a leading energy-focused automation company, announced today that it has partnered with Getac, an innovator and manufacturer of rugged notebook and handheld computer devices, to provide its Field Service Automation customers with a complete, turnkey technology solution for energy-related field service operations.

The Enbase Field Service Automation (FSA) application is a breakthrough technology that automates the field service process and increases the quality of data collected by workers.  Combine the FSA application with Getac’s fully rugged notebook and handheld computers specifically developed for the extreme working conditions that energy and energy-service industry participants experience each day, and you have the perfect tool for any field application.

Built from the ground-up to meet the needs of field workers in the energy industry, Enbase’s Field Services Automation tool is not a modified spreadsheet or an office-application re-configured for field service work.  It is an easy-to-use, intuitive technology system that utilizes a “decision tree” interface to filter, automate and minimize the data entry required by field service workers, while maximizing the quality of data sent back to the corporate office.  Getac’s rugged computers come equipped with features and functionality designed to simplify and improve field data collection, including built-in cameras, E-compasses, extended life batteries, GPS, sunlight readable panel displays, advanced connectivity capabilities, and real-time voice and data communications.  And with the new, 5-year bumper-to-bumper warranty*, Getac owners can feel secure about extended use and warranty coverage for the equipment while helping companies manage fixed costs of the equipment.

For example, one of Getac’s latest innovations released in the fourth quarter of 2009 is the advanced Multi-Touch capabilities that allows for full computer usage with or without work gloves.  This new Multi-Touch function supports Enbase’s design strategy to nearly eliminate data entry using a keyboard and replace it with touch, click and voice, allowing field service workers to access and complete work orders, rotate equipment diagrams and maps, email jobsite images and reports, and zoom in and out, all while using a series of touch and hand gestures.

“Getac’s equipment adds to the ease of data collection within our Field Services Automation application which is the primary goal for this exciting new tool,” said Wade Bennett a Principal at Enbase.  “Easier data collection in the field results in more accurate and reliable data back at the corporate office which, in turn, drives more effective performance management, up-time and reliability for our energy industry customers.  We are pleased to be working with an industry leader like Getac to provide the energy industry with a turnkey hardware and software solution for its critical field service operations.”

"The combination of Enbase’s Field Service Automation technology and Getac’s tough, rugged design provides the ideal tool for any field application," explains Jim Rimay, president, Getac.  "The ability to use a single tool for a multitude of needs and applications, especially in remote areas and in extreme conditions, helps streamline the work process and increase productivity."

With an increased focus on operations efficiency in the energy industry, many organizations are becoming painfully aware that their field data is incomplete, unreliable, and in some cases, non-existent.  The Enbase Field Service Automation solution is designed to address this problem by simplifying the process for performing work in the field, entering data and then automatically transmitting it back to the corporate office.  The result is more efficient field service operations with better knowledge and information distributed across the organization. 

For an on-line demonstration of the Enbase Field Services Automation solution, please visit the Field Services product page of our website at http://enbasesolutions.com/Applications/Field-Services-Mobile.html.  To speak with a representative about this solution, please contact Enbase by phone or e-mail as follows:

About Enbase
Enbase Energy Technology is a Houston, Texas-based software development company.  Founded in 2001, Enbase develops web-based technology solutions designed specifically for the energy industry, and has significant experience working with Fortune 1000 upstream, midstream, downstream and energy services companies.  Enbase offers enterprise-class technology solutions focused on production and operational needs including: real-time intelligence, forecasting, field services, asset management, regulatory compliance, and workflow management. Enbase also frequently performs system integrations, establishes ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes and creates data warehouses and analytics cubes that bring disparate data together into a single location for easy access and analysis.  For more information, visit www.EnbaseSolutions.com

About Getac
Getac Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Getac Technology Corporation. Getac Technology Corporation, a key subsidiary of MiTAC Synnex Business Group (2008 consolidated revenue 18 billion USD) was established in 1989 as a joint venture with GE Aerospace to supply defense electronic products. Getac’s business coverage includes; rugged notebooks, rugged tablet PCs and rugged handheld devices for military, police, government, communications, manufacturing and transportation applications ranging from fully rugged and commercial-grade rugged. Getac’s strong R&D capabilities allow it to provide a high level of customization and all-aspect hardware-software integration solutions. Apart from the rugged computing business, Getac is also involved with the design and manufacture of plastic and lightweight metal components. The acquisition of Waffer Technology in 2009 has made Getac the world’s third largest aluminum-magnesium alloy producer. For more information on Getac, visit us.getac.com.