Ukrainian Government Institutes Nation-wide Land Registration Drive

International Land Systems (ILS), Inc. assists Ukraine in tracking registration progress

Silver Spring, Maryland – The Ukrainian government issued state resolution 844, a nation-wide land registration drive expected to privatize land holdings for some six million Ukrainian citizens. The government resolution allows citizens to register land holdings free of charge, and is expected to provide a critical capital foundation for the emerging market economy.

International Land Systems (ILS), Inc. assisted the Ukrainian State Land Cadastral Center (SLCC) modernize the country’s information management infrastructure. Challenged with uniting data from 1,300 regional and district offices nationwide, the Ukrainian government chose ILS to design improved information workflows and web-based reporting tools.

States Igor Popiv, ILS Ukraine’s Managing Director, “ILS’s aim is to help the Ukrainian government efficiently track land registration efforts through uniting information in a common web-based data entry point.”

A significant challenge for the SLCC was that most government land registration information was collected in Microsoft Excel worksheets. Data entry, collection, and sharing posed significant challenges for government agencies.

ILS custom designed an information collection workflow based on an open My SQL database, and also a web application for government offices nationwide to input registration data. States ILS President Peter Rabley, “The government of Ukraine is now better equipped to efficiently register privately held lands, and to evaluate the success of this resolution through monitoring their progress.”

Omega Ltd., a Ukrainian-firm, provided project implementation support for ILS Ukraine by deploying and integrating the information technology solution.

By privatizing lands using modern information systems, the government may collect more local property taxes, and in turn, citizens may gain access to capital mortgage markets by using the land as collateral. Formal recognition for property rights unlocks the market value of land.

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